Empower Your Learning

Qureos taps into our curiosity to propel us to become lifelong learners with the aid of peers, industry experts and challenges from corporate partners. 


Qureos enables students to take control of their learning based on their aptitude and interests and connects them to industry experts who can guide them in career choices.


Whether looking to learn new skills or reinforce existing skills, Qureos creates a learning feedback mechanism that continues the growth in learning.


As an industry expert engage with other experts and professionals to solve real world problems to further your own learning as well as achieve your next level of potential.


Engage & Grow

Corporate partners have an opportunity to engage Qureos users through tasks assignments that not only teach them job-relevant skills, but also accomplish their business goals.

Recruit with confidence

Identify top level candidates to recruit for certain tasks, roles and even job placement within your company.

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Step 1
Learn from experts

Post your question or assignment
Instantly get matched and start a session with one or multiple industry experts simultaneously
Get the support in the context relevant to you to gain unique insights

Step 2
Help peers with your expertise

Share your knowledge with other peers
Strengthen your proficiency
Get paid for helping peers

Step 3
Real-world projects

Work individually or in groups on projects sponsored by corporate partners
Acquire job-relevant skills for your credentials and portfolio
Get paid for your experiential learning

Step 4
Accelerate your career

AI analyzes profile and micro credentials to propose a personalized learning path
Build a portfolio relevant for prospective employers
Pursue your career goals at your own pace

Evolution of Education


Individual learning.

Focus on examination and results.

Utilizing standardized content. 


Massive online content distribution.

Graduation focus vs. employment.

Technology-driven classrooms.


Micro degree & learning by doing.

Job relevant skills.

Interlock with corporations.

The Qureos Journey