Accelerate Your Career

Qureos taps into our curiosity to propel us to become lifelong learners with the aid of peers, industry experts and challenges from corporate partners. 


Take control of your learning based on your own aptitude and interests to connect with prominent mentors who can accelerate your career.


Receive mentorship from industry experts and get support while engaging in corporate projects to solve real world problems that exist in the work environment.

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Step 1
Boost your Skills

Showcase your skills through corporate challenges.  
Complete challenges to unlock and discover new job opportunities as you progress.

Step 2
Engage with Mentors

Tap into mentors of all kinds, from industry expertise, corporate backgrounds and academia.
Master your skills and also share your knowledge with  your peers for rewards.

Step 3
Real-world projects

Work individually or in groups on projects sponsored by corporate partners.
Acquire job-relevant skills for your credentials and portfolio.
Get paid for your experiential learning.

Step 4
Accelerate your career

Unlock opportunities towards your dream career path.
From short to long term engagements, our partners are looking for bright talent like yourself.

The Qureos Journey

Qureos allows young professionals to engage in real-world challenges and projects with mentorship from industry experts.

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