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SEO is increasingly important in 2021 and ties into the overall digital marketing strategy for all companies with a digital footprint. With over 90,000 search queries every second on Google, SEO is an integral part of creating visibility and growth for every business. As a recent graduate or young professional venturing out into the world of digital marketing, SEO could be a great opportunity to specialize in a growing niche career path. In a nutshell, Search engine optimization is the process of improving and tweaking different elements of websitse to increase visibility on search engine pages. It drives more traffic to your website by increasing the quantity and quality of visitors through ‘non-paid’ strategies.

The global search engine optimization services market is worth $50. 45 billion in 2021 and is growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.1%. According to a study, 92.24% of all online experiences begin with a search engine like Google. The practice of SEO is all about understanding the target audience and the buyer personas. It involves predicting their search requirements, different content types that may be of interest to them and catering the value proposition to this audience.

search engine optimization services market

The global search engine optimization services market is worth $50. 45 billion in 2021 and is growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.1%.

What do SEO professionals do on a daily basis?

The role of an SEO specialist is to drive and improve traffic to your company’s website through organic search results on a daily basis using prescribed best SEO practices. In order to achieve this objective, some of the major tasks which are carried out on a daily basis include:

  • Keyword research to identify growing interest and trends for certain key terms
  • Stay up to date with new SEO trends, patterns and algorithm changes
  • Set up and maintain technical SEO infrastructure
  • Generate content ideas and create SEO optimized content for the website
  • Optimize the website performance
  • Track SEO metrics to measure traffic, engagement, bounce rates, etc.
  • Create link building strategies and opportunities

What are the top reasons to pursue a career in SEO?

With the amount of internet and search use skyrocketing and many companies choosing to work remotely, there is a massive amount of interest and demand for SEO skills. As a fast-paced and growing industry, Here are some of the most important reasons to choose a career in SEO:

  • #1 – SEO drives web traffic – With a large number of search queries occurring every second, optimization of websites based on SEO best practices is extremely important to attract the right audience and gain visibility for your business. As one of the first customer touchpoints, the quality of SEO driven content will have a direct impact on the number of leads entering the marketing funnel. This is an integral part of the marketing strategy and makes SEO team members irreplaceable.
  • #2 – Niche field of marketing – While SEO is a broad field under digital marketing, there are many smaller disciplines that require attention and provide scope to become a niche specialist. From technical SEO, international SEO, analytics and monitoring, creative and content, strategy and planning, these are all good options to pursue and build your career path.
  • #3 – In-demand skill for 2021- SEO is one of the most sought after skills within the field of digital marketing especially for young professionals and recent graduates. Expertise in technical SEO site setup, UX and web design, creative content writing, backlink creation, performance data analysis, etc are some of the important core skills required as a SEO professional.
Compensation package for SEO specialists
  • #4 – Compensation package – As an in-demand skill sought after by employers, SEO specialists make between $45k – $65k on a yearly basis. These rates may differ based on the country of employment, company size, industry, etc but this is a good start for young professionals like yourself. Working as a freelancer could help you earn between $50-$150 per hour and this could vary depending on the complexity of projects. With some hands on experience and a portfolio of work, SEO could be a perfect specialty to build your career. 

As an in-demand skill sought after by employers, SEO specialists make between $45k – $65k on a yearly basis and freelancers earn between $50-$150 per hour

  • #5 – Opportunities to freelance and access remote projects – Becoming an SEO specialist will open up remote and freelance opportunities to build your portfolio and be compensated. With many freelance platforms like Upwork, Fiverr and Qureos, you could gain projects and work remotely from anywhere in the world.
  • #6 – Constantly be challenged to keep learning – With major changes to search engine algorithms and new advancements happening within the field of SEO, there is scope to keep learning by staying up to date. It’s best to constantly learn through subject matter experts like Neil Patel and Backlinko and subscribe to their blogs, newsletters and other educational content.

What are some job positions available within the field of SEO?

Based on the size of the company and requirements, there may be many available positions under SEO. From super technical roles to creative ones, choosing a career in SEO opens up many opportunities for students and recent graduates. 

Some of the popular designations along with a description and possible compensation packages are given below:

  • Technical SEO Specialist – This role involves setting up, building and maintaining SEO optimized website infrastructure. From technical audits, site migrations, website speed/performance optimization and administration would be some of the major responsibilities. Technical SEO Specialist positions require technical expertise on coding software (HTML, CSS), sitemaps, schema markups, tag usage, etc.
Technical SEO Specialists work on the technical aspects & website backend

Some of the popular roles within SEO are: Technical SEO specialists, SEO content writers, Local/International SEO specialist and SEO data analysts. 

  • SEO Content Writer – The writer is responsible for creating well researched, valuable, engaging copy based on the various buyer personas for the business. Through keyword research and other SEO best practices, the copy should always be optimized for search engines and can include web or landing page content, blog posts, promotional marketing collateral, etc.
  • Local/International SEO Specialist – This aspect of SEO will ensure that the content and website is optimized for highly localized searches and for international searches from different parts of the world. From creating visibility on local directories to translating content to different languages, this role is a great opportunity for recent graduates.
  • SEO Data Analyst – The data analyst is responsible for gathering data on search programs through webmaster tools, monitor search performance results, A/B test different aspects to improve optimization, and derive insights from data.

How do you get started with SEO?

  • Certifications – If you’re interested to pursue a career in SEO, the first step would be to learn as much as you can about this domain. There are many free courses available to help you get started with SEO like SEMRush Academy or Hubspot Academy. There are some paid certifications like Yoast SEO Training ($220) or Moz Academy — SEO Essentials Certificate ($595) as well.
  • Experience – After gaining some knowledge through SEO courses, the next step would be to focus on hands on experience through freelance projects or internships. Finding a mentor to guide you along the way would help improve the quality of your work and help launch your career as a SEO specialist.
  • We would recommend going through another route: Qureos Bootcamps. Through immersive and extensive live mentor based training bootcamps, we will help you learn the fundamentals of SEO and many other skills. Here are some of the main features:
    – Equip you with the in-demand skills required by employers
    – Collaborate with like-minded peers who are keen to grow and learn
    – Mentorship from industry professionals with many years of experience
    – Access to projects and apprenticeships to build your portfolio, gain experience and meet with our corporate partners from all over the world.

Launching an SEO career can be difficult especially as a current student, young professional or recent graduate without hands on experience. It is important to keep your eyes open to learn and soak up knowledge while constantly improving your skills and gathering feedback from mentors. If you would like to join our growing community to learn and grow in the field of SEO or any other proficiency, sign up to be a Qureos apprentice. If you’d like to learn more about all the buzz at Qureos, contact us or check out our socials!

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