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Looking for a job or an internship? Here’s a quick guide

How to get a job or internship

Looking for a job or internship? Here’s the thing, we all know how exhausting job searching already is. Thanks to the pandemic, the process just got a lot more stressful. There were some who had drastic career changes while some who just graduated and were heading towards the path of kick starting their careers. We’ve […]

Qureos, TRA & JAFZA to mentor BETHA Graduates!

internships for students in UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi

Partnership to mentor graduates The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) represented by ICT Fund, signed an MoU with Jebel Ali Free Zone (Jafza) and Qureos on training students of ICT Fund’s BETHA Programme through Qureos platform and Jafza’s Tumoohi Programme 2020. The agreement provides for selecting students from the ICT Fund’s BETHA Programme to join Jafza’s […]

Remote Internships & Micro-Projects: A Win-Win Proposition

Remote Internships & Micro-Projects: A Win-Win Proposition
#image_691091321 { width: 100%; } With the unexpectedness of the pandemic, a lot of companies are now looking for new ways to integrate new talents into their workforce. Since interns can be fresh into the industry, hiring someone remotely, without a way to be able to monitor their work at convenient interval, might make some [...]

How to maximize the benefits of remote internships.

Bridging The Gap Between Theoretical And Practical Knowledge!How Students and Corporates Can Maximize the benefits of Internships. You might remember the first day of your elementary school and the last day of your graduation. Throughout these approximately 20 years of your life, you learn many skills, traits, languages and the basic knowledge which every educated [...]

Top Productivity Tools to Manage Work from Home

productivity tools to work from home
COVID-19 has made everyone’s professional life difficult. In times like these, when work from home is everyone’s need, it is very important to manage professional and personal life for maximum optimization. There are various productivity tools available to manage the workload from home but it is important to use the most efficient ones for the [...]

Why Qureos is Against Unpaid Internships

paid remote internships
The intent behind internships is for students and new graduates to gain valuable professional experience while reducing risks and costs to organizations. But is it fair for them to be unpaid? Every internship season the debate over paid and unpaid internships gains heat. Prior professional experience has become something of a requirement in today’s competitive [...]