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5 Hard & Soft Digital Marketing Skills for New Marketers

5 Hard & Soft Digital Marketing Skills for New Marketers

Preparing to move into digital marketing and pursue roles within this domain should include an understanding of the possible responsibilities and goals. As a student or recent graduate, moving from the academic space to the workplace will require you to gain or develop certain skills to help become a successful marketing professional. Digital marketing is […]

How Ather Received a Full Time Job Offer through Qureos

How Ather received a full time job offer through Qureos

Life and employment has made a massive shift with the advent of the covid-19 pandemic. With many students delaying graduation or changing their career path, it became imperative to create an action plan to launch out quickly. According to research from Milkround, a UK-based graduate jobs website, only 18% of graduates were securing full time […]

Why You Need a Digital Marketing Apprentice for Your Agency?

Why You Need a Digital Marketing Apprentice for Your Agency?

Marketing agencies are driven to help companies achieve their business goals by strategically managing their marketing activities. As a marketing agency owner or senior professional, it is important to help your clients set high level strategy, implement the solutions and constantly evaluate their success through measurement metrics. Taking on the role of an entire marketing […]

How to Kickstart your SEO Career in 2021?

How to kickstart your SEO career in 2021?

SEO is increasingly important in 2021 and ties into the overall digital marketing strategy for all companies with a digital footprint. With over 90,000 search queries every second on Google, SEO is an integral part of creating visibility and growth for every business. As a recent graduate or young professional venturing out into the world […]

How Selman Built Content Strategies for a Career Solutions Firm

How Selman Built Content Strategies for a Career Solutions Firm

Selman Razaq was a Dubai-based recent graduate venturing out into the workplace and the world of digital marketing. Launching out into the real world and starting to build a career can be overwhelming and a lot to take in at once. Selman was seeking avenues to learn and translate all his theoretical knowledge into practical […]

What Does it Mean to Be a ‘Mentor’? (7 Responsibilities)

What does it mean to be a ‘Mentor’? (7 Responsibilities)

Building and nurturing a relationship as a mentor with an apprentice can be an invaluable experience for both parties. With students and recent graduates trying to transition into the workplace from their university and academic life, they are often confused, lost and vulnerable. The real world requires a combination of technical and soft skills to […]

8 Reasons to Freelance as a Student or Graduate

8 Reasons to Freelance as a Student or Graduate

Making the leap from the academic space to the workplace can seem difficult, daunting and overwhelming. Transitioning into the real world requires being able to translate theoretical knowledge into practical skills. In addition to understanding how to apply theoretical concepts in real world scenarios, workplace etiquette, managing deadlines, multitasking on different projects and collaborating with […]

How Maryum Learned 5x More and Upskilled

How Maryum learned 5x more through Qureos

With traditional education focusing on theoretical knowledge, there is a lack of skill-focused learning which makes it difficult for students to enter the workplace. According to a research study by, 44% of graduates are unsure and unable to decide on what they would like to pursue after graduation. Career exploration coupled with acquiring the […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Being a Mentor

5 Reasons why you should consider being a mentor

Mentorship plays an integral role in developing the next generation of talent through functional expertise, knowledge sharing and technical industry insights. According to a research study by Olivet Nazarene University, 76% of professionals strongly agree that mentorship is extremely important but only 37% currently have a mentor. From teachers or professors within the academic space, […]

6 Steps to Launch your Career in Social Media Marketing

Steps to launch your career in Social Media

Presenting a brand footprint on social media platforms has become extremely important in the world today. With over 3.78 billion social media users worldwide and equating to 49% of the global population in 2020, Social media has been growing exponentially over the past couple of years. The latest digital report has shown that users spend […]